Hello people,

I would like to speak to you guys about work. Have you ever noticed that work is like a marriage? You apply for a job like a first date, and when you’re excepted you are so excited. Hello its like getting your first pet, right! You start your job/relationship like its the best thing in the world expecting big promotions. Things work out great in the beginnig of course, sex is great right. Then you start getting settled in. Work like usual, only getting it twice a week and positions are getting limited.Same things happen at work! You see yourself working your ass off trying to get seen, and nothing. Doesn’t that stuff make you mad! Then the kids come along and you’re stuck or your job sends you to class, giving you huge hopes for a promotion and nothing. Now your stuck there because you let them pay for you to go to class to empower the company, and you don’t see a cent. This is just crap if you ask me. Why can’ t this be fair! Men, I understand why you do it all. You do it all for that sweet spot right! Who doesn’t? Which i call the promotion. Then your stuck with children not wanting to leave because if you do leave you have to pay back for all of those classes the company sent you to take. I don’t say this bc my wife stucks because she is honestly the best in the world, and I say that because i’m a true man whole loves football, beer, space, kids, and family time. Doesn’t it just seem crazy tho that we choose to spend more time with work than we do with our own families? Even though they’re a pain in our butts. Of course, Money from working makes happiness and kids made by you and your, I hope, loving wife makes happiness. Look we all don’t have the jobs we all want, but i hope if you’re married you’ve chosen the right one because when you have, you know.

I have chosen the right wife but my job sucks. They send me to school for training, I get second in my class and I get no promotion of course. It seems like shit is never good enough right? You work your butt off and even do extra stuff to be noticed, for what? Look we spend all of our time trying to empress  our bosses but when we really sit back and realize it . We’re all in it for a pay check. Money and sex is all the same to a man so you know. Either will bring a big SMILE.

Look this is my first time ! I know i may not have worded it right or misspelled. Hell with it, I say. I honestly want to just get some stuff off my chest.